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Li [userpic]

Art - Illustration, Melaka Fray, Zuko, Sokka, Hana, and Loo

April 11th, 2007 (04:45 pm)

current mood: calm
current song: "Twisted Logic" Coldplay

Title: Same Family, Different Sky
Type: Illustration
Size: 600 x 419
Notes: All recognizable characters (with the exception of Hana and Loo) who have been altered over the course of about a year and a quarter of roleplaying at apharsites and street_eden respectively. This is a gift to innerbrat who is a fantastic person and deserves much more than this-- but it's all she requested. The full sized image (which is ginormous) is at my DA account, linked in the info of this journal.

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Li [userpic]

Avatar: Altered States, 1sentence, part four

March 18th, 2007 (04:03 pm)
current song: "Far Away" Nickelback

His Story
Her Story
A Traveling Story

A Boy's StoryCollapse )

Li [userpic]

Art - Illustration, Katara and Zuko

March 7th, 2007 (11:58 am)
current mood: productive
current song: the catalyst - abandoned pools

Title: Anything You Can Do
Type: Illustration
Size: 600 x 600
Notes: I was playing around with some different styles, going off of some of my favorite DA artists like Rufftoon and Sora-Ko. What I ended up with, people have been saying, looks like just an altered version of my own style, but hey - credit where credit is due. I couldn't have improved without them. :)

So, since this was just playing around with styles, I did a generic Katara-and-Zuko-bending illustration. Fire and water are hard, in case you were wondering.

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Li [userpic]

Art - Illustration, Katara, Zuko, and Hassan

February 15th, 2007 (11:29 pm)

Title: Daddy!
Type: Illustration
Size: 757 x 853
Notes: A scene from the end of His Story, Her Story, and, technically, the beginning of A Traveling Story.

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Li [userpic]

Art - Coloring Exercise, Hu Tie

February 4th, 2007 (09:56 am)
current song: "Shut Up And Smile" Bowling for Soup

Title: Coloring Exercise, Hu Tie
Type: Illustration
Size: 351 x 375
Notes: A character for a project in the works - Hu Tie is Chinese for butterfly. I took most of the coloring from This Tutorial, which was really helpful.

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Li [userpic]

Avatar: Altered States, 1sentence, part three

December 10th, 2006 (11:09 pm)
current song: "Stone Blue" Foghat

As you can see, this series now comes with a name! Courtesy of amurderofcrows.

His Story
Her Story

A Traveling StoryCollapse )

Li [userpic]

Art - Illustration, Katara and Zuko

December 8th, 2006 (09:07 pm)
current song: "Fray" Staind

Title: Peekaboo!
Type: Illustration
Size: 488 x 688
Notes: (I'm just going to start copy/pasting my comments from DeviantArt in this section)

It's not actually "Zutara," per se. I sketched this out a while ago with the idea that it would be hilarious to have Zuko find out the Avatar-gang was in Ba Sing Sei by listening to Katara and Sokka snipe at each other and peek over a wall just in time to see Katara doing something immature with waterbending.

"She froze me to a wall with that-- and now she's using it to make FACES?!"

...To be fair, I was also a little feverish at the time, which is probably why I thought it was so hilarious.

Avatar, Zuko, and Katara are (c) Nickelodeon, Mike, and Bryan.

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Li [userpic]

Avatar: Altered States, 1sentence, part two

December 8th, 2006 (12:50 am)

current mood: amused
current song: "Blank Earth" Chevelle

Part One: His Story

Part Two: Her StoryCollapse )

Li [userpic]

Art - Illustration, Katara and Sokka

December 6th, 2006 (10:06 am)
current mood: accomplished
current song: "Shadowboxer" Fiona Apple

Title: Watch Out... for that CLIFF.
Type: Illustration (could and has been used as a desktop image)
Size: 2272 x 1704
Notes: Holiday present for psychicsaphie. Happy holidays, all! Watch out for cliffs!

Also, new coloring process that I really dig, but takes eleventy jillion years to complete. May not ever happen again. Ever. ...Until next week or something.

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Li [userpic]

Repost: "Stretched On Your Grave" by Kate Rusby - Sokka/Princess Yue

November 28th, 2006 (07:27 pm)

Since Viacom reported most of my vids from YouTube, I took all of them down and am starting to put them back up on SendSpace for download. Here's the first.

Band/Song: "Stretched On Your Grave" by Kate Rusby
Character/Ship: Sokka/Princess Yue
Spoilers: Season One, Episodes 18-20; Season Two, Episode 4
Size/Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ss46jz

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